Mediterranean Experts on Climate and Environmental Change – MedECC is a network of scientists working on a voluntary basis towards a regional science-policy interface for climatic and other environmental changes across the Mediterranean.

With the support of the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean, they are pursuing the following specific goals:

  • To gather the scientific community working on climate change and its impacts in the whole Mediterranean basin. This includes building a bridge between existing research structures and programs and facilitating data-sharing through existing or new platforms.
  • To bridge the gap between research and decision-making, contributing to the improvement of policies at national, regional, and local level by providing consolidated scientific assessments on particular issues and by responding to requests by decision-makers.
  • To identify gaps in the current research on climate change and its impacts in the Mediterranean and interact with funding agencies for the development of new research programs to fill these gaps.
  • To help building the capacity of scientists from Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries (SEMCs) at the international level and standards; encouraging training, research and development efforts in these countries.

Their work is fully oriented towards the highest possible scientific standards, with membership to MedECC being open to all scientific experts working on climate and environmental change in the Mediterranean basin from the natural sciences, social sciences and/or a humanities perspective. More than 250 scientists from 26 countries have declared so far their interest to contribute to MedECC.

Interested experts can fill in the following online survey: